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Book Review: Reflections on Words of the New Testament by W.E. Vine

Practical Application from the “Words” of God

William Edwy Vine’s (1873-1949) Expository Dictionary of the New Testament Words has been one of the most useful tools written to date to help lay people and teachers of the Bible understand the New Testament due to its organizing words according to their English translations from the Greek. Vine’s book has been used primarily as a reference tool. However, this new book contains reflections by Gregory C. Benoit on 76 different words from the New Testament – words like “Abba,” “abundance,” “baptism,” “comfort,” “glory,” “holy,” “justification,” “love,” “obey,” “reconcile,” “sin,” and more.

Gregory C. Benoit’s purpose in writing these reflections in his own words, “The author (Vine) frequently included interesting insights into word meanings, origins, and practical applications that are a treasure of a different sort, offering suggestions on how to apply God’s Word to one’s life today, unexpected glimpses of God’s character, sobering reflections on the character of mankind, and much more. The purpose of this book is to emphasize those practical aspects of Vine’s writings.”

Benoit offers in each entry much of the “meat” from Vine’s work, but he has selected words that have a bearing on your walk and worship of God. This book has been designed to enhance your personal growth and enrich your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This book can be used as a devotional, or to help you with illustrations in teaching on different themes or passages of the Bible. If you love God’s Word, His words, and are an avid student of the Word – than you will thoroughly enjoy this book. I am only giving this book 4 stars because the one drawback is that I would have liked it to contain certain words that are missing – like “repentance,” “disciple,” and the like. Overall, a very helpful and encouraging resource for Bible students to use for life.


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