Keller & Clowney: Preaching Christ in a Post-Modern World

03 Sep

Some of the most helpful resources on preaching Christ from all of Scripture that you will ever find. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Faith In Motion

I love sharing God’s word through preaching.  Since I’m moving to preaching every week, as we launch The Exchange Community in Jackson, Mo, I thought It would be good to reexamine my preaching and how I interpret and display God’s word.  I remembered a friend of mine shared, a number of years back, that Tim Killer and Edmond Clowney team taught a class at Reformed Theological Seminary on Preaching Christ in a Post-Modern World.  As I started to listen through these teachings, I desired to share them with other church planters, preachers, and pastors that may not be aware of their existence.  Even if you don’t fit in these categories, this is an excellent resource to understand and share scripture.

Free Resources:

Audio from itunes

Course Material in PDF These notes were extremely difficult to find.  I believe they are notes from this course as it was later modified.  They do not…

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2 responses to “Keller & Clowney: Preaching Christ in a Post-Modern World

  1. Ted Torreson

    September 3, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Thanks for sharing my post, David!

    • lifecoach4God

      September 3, 2013 at 9:09 am

      Ted, I can’t tell you how much this type of preaching is lacking and needing out here in Southern California. I hope many pastors will be exposed to Christo-centric preaching and get off the Therapeutic Deistic bandwagon – the default mode of the average preacher in America today! We desperately need robust Gospel-centered/Christ-centered preaching all over this land if we are going to see reformation and revival in our life-times. Thank God for the Keller’s and Piper’s in our land – may their tribe increase!


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