10 Ideas for Making a Memorable Mother’s Day

12 May

(1) Have a florist deliver a corsage and on the card tell her you’re taking her to dinner.

(2) Create a May-to-May calendar using family pictures. Place a star on a day each month for a special date you will have with her.

(3) Gather scrapbook supplies and spend the day working on it together.

(4) Plant some colorful summer flowers in her yard and/or patio pots.

(5) Have each family member write a special memory they have of her. Tuck each note in a separate Mother’s Day card selected or created by each individual.

(6) Prepare a picnic lunch and let her pick the place it will be enjoyed.

(7) Have the family gather around her and ask her to share favorite memories of her childhood. Be sure to have a video or tape/cd recorder going.

(8) Give her a basket full of thing that help her relax. Include a long, narrow tablet and ask her to list things she’s been wishing help with, Recruit family members to get jobs done in the next few weeks.

(9) Give the gift of your time by helping her sort through pictures and bring her photo album up-to-date.

(10) Remember to tell her how much you love her and what you love about her.

*List compiled by Marilyn Mcauley – mother of three, grandmother of six.

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