Let’s Call A Spade a Spade – Man and God on “Sin”

29 Jun

Steven J. Lawson on Man vs. God on the Subject of Sin

Man calls it an accident;

God calls it an abomination;

Man calls it a blunder;

God calls it a blasphemy;

Man calls it a chance;

God calls it a choice;

Man calls it an error;

God calls it an enmity;

Man calls it a fascination;

God calls it a fatality;

Man calls it an infirmity;

God calls it an iniquity;

Man calls it a luxury;

God calls it leprosy;

Man calls it a liberty;

God calls it lawlessness;

Man calls it a trifle;

God calls it tragedy;

Man calls it a mistake;

God calls it madness;

Man calls it weakness;

God calls it willfulness.

(Steven J. Lawson, Psalms 1-75, Holman OT Commentary, p. 175)

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