Book Review: My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt

19 Jun

I bought this book in 1998 when our youngest children (of five) where aged 3 and 5. This was one of their favorite books – now our oldest children are having their own children and I picked up this book to read again to my two grandchildren (and counting). Our family loves this book because it contains stories starting with A-Z and has a Bible verse starting with a new letter of the alpha bet for each story.

My wife and I would read the stories to our kids – oftentimes on the way to school, or at the dinner table – and then we would all quiz one another, “What’s the ‘A’ verse, or what’s the ‘d’ verse. There are several benefits to reading this book and discussing it with your children:

  1. You get to learn 26 verses that delineate great truths about the Gospel, Christ, and godly values.
  2. You and your children get to memorize 26 verses of the Bible.
  3. The verses are made practical in each story – so your children get to learn how applicable and relevant the Bible is to their own young lives.
  4. The gospel is taught, explained, and calls for a response in this book. All of our children have made a profession of faith in Christ, and it is very possible that the seeds planted from this book contributed to their salvation.
  5. The stories are excellent for kids – it worked out really well for our kids because it always involved a boy and girl (and we had a boy and girl) that were curious to see who the hero of each story was.
  6. There are good discussion questions for each story and it lends itself well to prayer and a personal response time of repentance, or encouragement.
  7. Susan Hunt is not only a good children’s writer, but a very good theologian – she weaves the story line together with Biblical Theology in such a way that the book is not moralistic, but Christ Centered and gospel driven.
  8. Having all the verses start with a letter of the alphabet is a brilliant mnemonic device that we still use even with our children today at the ages of 15 and 17. As a matter of fact – probably not a month goes by where one of us in the family doesn’t quiz each other on the “A-Z” verses. Sometimes we can even recall the story that went with the verse.

Since 1998 I’ve probably bought at least twenty of these books to give away to parents and at baby dedications in our church. I highly recommend it. I believe that my wife and I have benefited as much (maybe more) than our kids have. Now we are excited to read this book again and again to our grandkids. I highly recommend it for parents of young children, for grandparents, and for Sunday school teachers.


*Susan Hunt’s Bio:

Susan Hunt is a former director and a current consultant for the Presbyterian Church in America’s Women in the Church ministry. She has written Sunday school and discipleship curricula and Bible study series, as well as a number of books for women and children. Her published titles for women include:Leadership for Women in the Church (co-authored with Peggy Hutcheson),Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Mandate for Women Mentoring Women, Women’s Ministry in the Local Church (co-authored with Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III), and Heirs of the Covenant. Her children’s books include My ABC Bible Verses, and three titles co-authored with her son Richie Hunt: Big Truths for Little Kids, Discovering Jesus in Genesis, and Discovering Jesus in Exodus. She has spoken in women s conferences across the United States and in several other countries. Susan is married to Gene Hunt, a retired Presbyterian Church in America pastor. They have three adult children and twelve grandchildren.


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